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If God asked you what you've done for His Kingdom with what He's gifted you with, would you be excited to tell Him? 

Don't worry. We'll figure it out together. It's going to be so good!

In a nutshell, the BEINGbetter NETWORK is here to help those in business use their gifts, abilities, and unique situations to impact The Kingdom ways that won't freak people out.

Who's this for?

How do I qualify? Cost?

What are the benefits?

The BEINGbetter Network is a group of Christian business owners and professionals who want to reach their community for Christ and His Kingdom...and not have to go it alone. 

People who see the value of Christians working together to support one another economically and spiritually.

Those who understand that when we work to serve The Kingdom we all win - our community, this ministry, and our businesses. It's a win, win, win! 

Becoming a network member is easy.

A) You must consider yourself a follower of Jesus. (If you need some insight on what that means go here.)

B) You must want to commit to growing as a Christian, be willing to engage, and contribute to the group.

C) You must view the Holy Bible as God's infallible word. (As this is what we will lean on for how we will expect one another to act and how we should be living.)

Right now it's TOTALLY FREE! 

  • Connected to a network of Christian businesses.

  • Invited to monthly network get-togethers to meet, encourage, share, and pray for group efforts.

  • Staying inspired and informed through our newsletter.

  • Prayed for as a business and personally by our team and network.

  • Engaged individually with targeted team and group members to develop, nurture, and draw out your God-given gifts. (We'll help each other grow.)

  • Changed forever as you hang out with Jesus and participate in changing lives in our area for Christ.

But, I'm already doing something

I don't feel ready to "witness"

I just don't have time

We are definitely commanded to help those in need - just because they are in need. But we can be missing opportunities to tell others about Jesus. We think we're living out the gospel but often end up just making life on planet Earth a little more comfortable. Let's get them comfy with their eternity.

If you are doing great things, we need you to inspire others in the network!

We get it. We are all on a different part of the journey with Jesus. That's why He told us we should do life in community. This group is as much about growing individually as reaching out to others.


We will use your strong suits and find ways to grow areas still under construction. What you feel you may be lacking someone else has - and vise-versa. 

If you already feel overwhelmed, don't worry. We'll make sure you've got the band-width, resources, and drive to do something that fits. 

We have lots of ideas. Some are totally low-maintenance and all are customized for your situation.

People are out there looking for Jesus. He took up residence in us so we could show Him (tangibly, visibly, and personally) to others. We have to do this.

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