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Each month our Christian business network gathers together via Zoom for a time of teaching on a particular topic, some discussion, hopefully, some insights and takeaways, a little motivation, and some prayer. Then the challenge starts.


We don't just leave that teaching behind. Each week you'll be encouraged to start owning it and putting it into practice. Each week there will be a challenge (we call it homework). Most of the time it's nothing hard or too time consuming but it will get you thinking. Once you complete the homework, we're going to have a little accountability and post our homework on the BEINGbetter Network private Facebook page

Post a video or just write out what your experience was. Have fun with it. Comment on what others post.

How do I join the network?

The BEINGbetter Network is open to any Christian business owners or professionals. Just go to our private Facebook page, answer the three questions and submit.

Once you're accepted you'll be able to see the links for upcoming gatherings and see what others in the group are posting.


If you don't do Facebook, let us know and we can email you the information and communicate happenings that way.

  • Facebook

What if I miss a gathering?

No worries. 

You'll be able to access them from the private Facebook group and watch them when you can. 

Additionally, an overview pdf is available with the highlights and homework challenges as well. Also available on the FB page. Again, if you need access via email instead of Facebook, let us know.

Below is our Network launch video that gives some insight on why we're doing this and what to expect.

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