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God sent His son Jesus to rescue us and show us how to live. He is the only way to get to heaven, and the only way to find out who God made you to be.

You're going to want to follow this guy. 

Doesn't it feel good!

Hopefully, this little refresh confirmed some things for you and awakened a new sense of belonging, purpose, and commitment. God wants to know you deeply. He wants to tell you much more about Himself and He wants to tell you who you are. It sounds like you are ready for the journey!

We'd love to hear about your experience today if you don't mind sharing.

What's next for you? If you are looking for your faith to be deeper and want to have a life-changing journey with God then check out our Knowing Better program. It's a 6-week intensive, yet understandable, study that can get you connected to God in deep ways. You'll discover who God is and who you are - how to overcome hard things and how to thrive here on planet Earth. Continue your journey with Jesus and see what you've been missing.

Welcome to the family
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