God sent His son Jesus to rescue us and show us how to live. He is the only way to get to heaven, and the only way to find out who God made you to be.

You're going to want to follow this guy. 

How to open the door

You pray. That just means you talk to God. Stand up, or sit down, or get on your knees – whatever feels right for you. Close your eyes (or don’t) and “see” yourself walk to the door. If you have decided you want to, open the door.

If you opened it, you see Jesus smiling. Now, tell Him you want Him to come in. Talk to Him. There’s no formula for what you need to say – just talk to Him – now that you know what He came for. It’s actually good if you can talk out loud. Even though God can hear your thoughts, speaking or even whispering your conversation with Him is important. It gets us out of thinking mode and makes our decision an affirmative action.

All it comes down to is you just have to know in your heart that you want what He’s offering. That you believe that He is the Son of God who came in a human body to die for you – to pay for your sins – to save you so you could be with God. That Jesus rose from the dead and that He is able to give you eternal life – with Him forever. He does need to hear what you believe about Him. Tell Him.


Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

You’ll probably want to thank Him for what He’s done for you and what He’s going to do.

Don’t forget to tell God what you need, what you’re scared of, and what you’re struggling with. Tell Him you need Him to lead you from here on out. Ask Him to teach you all that you need to know and do to have the life He wants you to have.

At the end of any prayer, many Christians will say, “in the name of Jesus, Amen.” In other words, you are saying that because of what Jesus did for you, standing in your place to die, you’re asking God to hear your prayer as if Jesus himself were asking…and you finish with agreeing with Jesus by saying, “Amen,” (which means “yes”) to what you prayed for.

Take your time with Him. Talk to Him. Listen to Him.


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