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Here's where we begin

Look at the room you are in. This is where you start. Now, look at the door. If you can’t see it from where you are, just see it in your mind. Maybe you’ve seen that famous painting of Jesus standing outside of a door, knocking. There’s a bit of a window in the door so you can see it’s Him…not someone waiting to roll you in the bushes when you open it. If you study the image, you’ll notice that there is no doorknob on Jesus’ side. It’s your job to open the door – not His.


The journey starts when you decide to let Him in.

But, if you are a normal human, you want to know who you’re letting in - what the stipulations are of inviting Him in. You may have heard some people say that His offer is free. That is true. It doesn’t mean it’s easy and that it won’t cost you something. So, let’s find out if you want to open the door.

Where we begin

By Warner Sallman (1892-1968)

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