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Does your relationship with Jesus feel like this?


If not, it's time to KNOW HIM BETTER.

This is what Christianity should look like.

What should I expect?

Knowing Better is a 6-week, Bible study workbook. Each week will cover a theme and 5 days a week you'll get insight, instruction, and work through exercises that get you into the Bible and get you to think. You'll learn how to hang out with Jesus and how to talk to God. Day 6 of each week is a wrap up that's less intensive and more reflective. At the end of the 6 weeks, there are 30 days of devotionals that reinforce the ideas and goals of the study and keep you in God's Word and in relationship with God.

Can I do it with my small group?

For sure. HOWEVER, make sure your daily study times are focused on YOUR journey. If you find you are thinking about what others may think of your answers remember that you don't have to share everything with your group that you write or reveal to Jesus. Be absolutely authentic and vulnerable with God and discuss what you feel led by Him to share with others. 

Will this really affect me?

Knowing God lets you live in victory. No more "coping" with things. We're moving past them, healed. When you truly, deeply know God you should have joy (not dread) and peace (not worry) matter what. You'll feel content regardless of your circumstances or what you've been through.

Don't I know God already?

We think we know Him because we believe in Him, but very few people can point to any real experience of Him. Many of us have what Pastor Michael Todd calls "a borrowed belief." We only know what we've been told by someone else. All too many people think they have a strong faith right up until something trying or tragic happens. Then they find themselves wondering where God is and if He cares.

Who needs this?

1. Anybody.

2. Everybody.

People who want a better life - for themselves and for those around them. People who want to make sure they are going to heaven. People who are struggling with something (big or small). People who want to know how to live with purpose life and be who God created them to be. Those who are tired of feeling unfulfilled or "less than."

How much is it?

It's free if you need it to be free.

If you have resources, it will cost you something.

In 2 Samuel, David plans to build an altar to God and he needs some land. The landowner offers to give it to David, but he refuses. He says that he won't offer a sacrifice that cost him nothing.


This will cost you somethings: money (maybe), time and surrender to let God change you are non-negotiables - or you might as well skip it.

Note: For every one we sell* a portion will go toward providing the program to someone else who can't swing it right now.

*At retail price.


Knowing Better  FAQs


How much time will this take?

I pray...even read the Bible...

Will this be hard?

Jesus often told people why they shouldn't follow Him. He said, "In this life, you will have trouble," and that includes when you follow Him. Jesus didn't sugarcoat the experience so we won't either. The actual doing of this may be easy. What it will do inside of you, at times, may be really hard. God says He will "prune" us and "refine" us with fire. No one signs up for that. Sign up for what's on the other side of that. You will never regret it. What you gain will be priceless! 

If you can honestly say that God is your greatest love and He's #1 in your life then you probably don't need this program. If you feel you're living out God's purpose without question, and weather the storms of life in the comfort of your Savior then do a little happy dance right now.

It depends how much you want to do. Carving out 30 minutes to an hour most every day would be ideal.


Again, this requires a commitment. It's really just a matter of asking how much do you want your life to be changed... forever. You won't find God if you don't seek Him, and you won't be able to seek without time to do that.


A journey that will change your life by knowing God better!

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