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God sent His son Jesus to rescue us and show us how to live. He is the only way to get to heaven, and the only way to find out who God made you to be.

You're going to want to follow this guy. 

Get comfortable

If you haven’t figured it out, this is a big decision. The biggest. If there are distractions around you this would be a good time to excuse yourself to a quite place, turn off the TV, pull out the ear buds. This isn’t something to do as a group. This is just between you and Him.

Right now, you are on the opposite side of the door from Jesus. Now, let me tell you some things about Him so you can determine if you want what He’s offering you.

Jesus and I have been talking about you (otherwise known as praying). I wanted to make sure I told you about Him in just the right way. In a nutshell, He is Everything. He is God’s rescue plan. He is the How-To Manual. He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” – John 14:6  

What does that mean? He is the Way to go, the example to follow, the gateway into heaven. He is the Truth about your life, the honesty you won’t want to hear sometimes and the voice that comforts you and rejoices in you. He is the Life-giver, the restorer of things once dead, and He is love, peace, and joy which makes life worth living.

So, what’s He doing here knocking on your door? He’s coming to get you. To get you back. Back from where? Back from death.

Get comfortable
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