Does your relationship with Jesus feel like this?


If not, it's time to KNOW HIM BETTER.

This is what Christianity should look like.

Plain and simple, KNOWING BETTER is a program to help you KNOW GOD. REALLY know God.

Believing in God is one thing. Knowing God is something completely different. Most people say they believe in God. Many claim to be Christians, yet, their lives look no different than the rest of the world. When we decide to do life with Jesus there should be a radical shift! God says we don't EVER need to be afraid or worry...about ANYTHING. How are you doing with those two promises? He says we can have peace and ALL times. How's that going for you?


We created KNOWING BETTER because we saw how few people really understood how to do life with God the way He meant. Our eternity starts now, and experiencing God's presence, promises, peace, and joy start on planet Earth. No more waiting. No more coping. 

Whether you've been in Christian circles for a long while or have no idea what following Jesus looks like, journey with us as we cover EVERYTHING we all need to know in order to sit with The SAVIOR (that would be Jesus) and do life right with Him. It is going to be something you never forget or regret! Prepare for nothing to be the same.



A journey that will change your life by knowing God better!

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