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Do you need to change clothes? (AKA: Are you ready to party?)

If your faith hasn't changed you, then your faith hasn't saved you." I remember a radio preacher make this statement a number of years ago and it has always stuck with me. Is it true? Is he right?

People often struggle sharing their faith (aka: telling others about Jesus and how He can save them). This is probably the most important tip I can ever give you on how to reach others: Make sure you are changed by the gospel first. You can't help others if you haven't helped yourself. Are you certain your faith is one that saves? Don't say yes too quickly. Don't be "that guy"....'cause that guy's in big trouble. In Matthew 22, Jesus shares a parable about a wedding party. The King (God) has invited everyone to his son's wedding. You guessed it...Jesus. Now, no bride would show up in her sweats, her torn jeans, her "wife-beater" tee. A bride puts on her wedding gown. The parable describes the scene: people coming in, putting on their wedding clothes and getting ready for this exciting event. But seated among them was a man who came to the party, but he didn't change. He sat there in his dirty clothes. There was water to wash in, and beautiful clothes for him to change into, but he ignored them. His worn shirt was comfy. He was used to the grime under his nails. He hardly noticed the hole in his shoe. He enjoyed the company and the atmosphere at the party. He liked it there, but he didn't see a need to change. So, he stayed the way he was. When the time arrived, the King came in and saw the man who hadn't changed. He asked him why, but the man didn't have anything to say for himself so he was thrown out of the party. He thought he was fine as he was, but he was only fooling himself. Showing up for church, or reciting some mantra of a salvation prayer doesn't save anyone. You are saved when your heart is changed. When you surrender to God completely, when you repent of your sins - when you don't want to do sinful things anymore. When you say, "Jesus, I want you to run my life...every single part of it." When you agree who Jesus is, what He did for you, and that there is no other way but by His grace, that is when your life will change...when you want to change to be part of God's party. We continue that change by staying close to God: praying often, learning more about Him, reading the Bible regularly, and serving others with the gifts God supplies. Being able to reach others starts with a change of clothes. Are you dressed? To find out more about surrendering your life to Christ, click here.


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