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Books in BULK

If you need books for a group or ministry you can buy them in boxes of 15 at a reduced rate. Say for jail/prison ministry, those in rehab, or maybe to light a fire within your small group or congregation.

Books in BULK

  • READ BEFORE ORDERING! Placing a bulk order is for anyone who'd like to purchase 15 or more copies of either the Knowing Better study or Fighting Better study. They are sold @ $10 per book when you buy them in lots of 15. That means if you need 27 books you'll need to order 30 and find 3 other people to bless. 

    NOTE: Order the # of BOXES you wish to purchase NOT the number of books. Example: If you need 30 books, enter "2" for your quantity. You will receive two boxes containing 15 books each.

  • Books are not returnable if they have been used. No returns after 30 days. Bulk order returns must be pre-authorized. All returns will be at the shipping expense of the customer.

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