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Are you ready to live in victory?

As a Christian, we were told that our lives were supposed to be
different than the rest of the world? Yet, you pray, you go to
church, sign up for service projects, tithe, give to the needy, but
this void remains. You feel less-than. You struggle with some
hard stuff. Life-altering stuff. Life-draining stuff. What’s the
problem? Where’s the victory in Christ?

In this 7-week journey, you will learn how to get victory in this life.
Be aware, this will require you to do battle, but you’ll never be alone.
You’ll learn how to fight for victory over lies, fears, worry, wrong thinking,
the past, life-controlling issues, and hard circumstances. Not to mention
finding absolute peace and joy, regardless of your situation.

Whether you are in a hard fight right now or just want more in this
life with God (more depth, confidence, connection, real meaning and
purpose) this study will help you understand how to get there.
Learning how to fight better alongside the King of Kings will solidify your
victory and bring you more than you ever imagined.


Coming Fall 2023
  • Fighting Better is a 7-week Bible Study designed to be done one-on-one with God. As you sit with Jesus each day you'll work through that day's topic, look up Scripture, and answer questions that are thought provoking and deep at times. There are five days of regular study that will take you 30-45 minutes on average. A sixth-day wrap up that is a little lighter to evaluate the week's theme  is included.

    For the best experience we highly recommend going through the Knowing Better study prior to this one. It sets the stage and walks through some important insights and practices that will help you journey well as you move into some deep waters in this study.

    Meeting with a mentor or small group to discuss meaningful insights each week is a great idea. 

    Books may be purchased for groups at a discounted (bulk) price. Check out that option if you need 15 or more

  • Books are not returnable if they have been used. No returns after 30 days. Bulk order returns must be pre-authorized. All returns will be at the shipping expense of the customer.

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