Knowing Better Study - Outreach

Knowing Better Study - Outreach

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When you donate books so others can learn how to have a life-changing relationship with God we'll get them into the hands of those who can't afford them right now. Some may be going through a hard time, find themselves in jail, in prison, or trying to restore their lives in treatment and rehab centers. Your gift allows them to work on the ONE thing that will impact ALL aspects of their lives: Authentically meeting Jesus and getting to KNOW God. 


Study Info:

Knowing Better is a 6-week, in-depth study followed by 30 days of devotionals to help you understand how to have a life-changing relationship with God.


The workbook includes insight and instruction covering a different theme each week and exercises to work through 5 days a week. A wrap-up session rounds out that week's theme. Follow on devotionals solidify and continue growing your faith and owning the promises of God.

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    If you'd like to donate for a particular individual, group, or cause, please phone or email us with the details.

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