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Knowing Better Cover
Knowing Better 6-week Bible study includes 30-day devotional follow-on, weekly teaching video access and group leader guide.

Find the free downloadable Leader Guide pdf below.
Most people say they believe in God yet so few can point to any reality of Him in their lives. What if you could truly KNOW the God of the universe? The one who sent His Son to die so you could live - forever. What if you could talk with Jesus, get to know Him, and find out what He has in mind for your life? What if knowing Him changed everything? 

In this 6-week intensive study, you can find out how to get to heaven (or make sure you're definitely going there). You can learn how to get to know God, what He's like, and what He wants from you - and FOR you.

You'll also experience some great benefits like these:
  • Understanding how to communicate and hear from God
  • Knowing how to allow God to transform your life
  • Participating in recovering and healing your life
  • Start owning the great promises of God (like getting past worry and fear. Having joy!)
  • Finding yourself (the real you God planned)

Learning how to get to know God and understanding how to truly follow Jesus will absolutely change EVERYTHING.
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