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BEING better

starts when you know who you are . why you're here . and what changes everything



Being Better exists because many people struggle in life and they don't know how to deal with it. Because people, lots of people, are looking for answers for their broken life in all the wrong places. Because even people with okay lives feel like they are missing something big. Because people don't know who they are or what they're here for.


Good news! We're here to shine a light. We've uncovered some pretty big answers in a place you likely haven't looked. At least not deeply. We offer some HOW-TOs to fix broken and less-than lives and transform them into more than you ever imagined. Really.

How do we accomplish this?

Through our online courses, books, and resources. Take a look around.


By author, Jennifer Winquist, Fighting Better is the follow-up study to Knowing Better. Jenn says Knowing Better was a walk from the beach to the deep. Fighting Better is  7-weeks in the deep to come out stronger than you ever imagined.

"No more coping, no more fear, mo more worry or feeling less-than. We're going to learn how to battle for a full, fulfilling, whole, and healed life."

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